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Mar 30, 2021

FuntCase returns to Back To Back! Willy talks to him about running DPMO Records, streaming & e-sports, the state of dubstep, fusing melody with aggression, producer advice, Cookie Monsta memories, DJ masks & DJ moms, secret side projects & more!

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Mar 23, 2021

Cheat Codes go Back To Back! Willy talks with them about their upcoming Hellraisers album, the experience of having a global hit with Demi Lovato, touring at 16, changing ideas of celebrity & fame, industry dynasties, stunt driving, studio scammers, Calvin Harris, making music in your bedroom, tour life & more!

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Mar 16, 2021

Laxcity goes Back To Back! Willy talks with him about his Disconnect EP, moving from Zambia to the UK, influence from Mr. Carmack & Burial, perfectionism, goals, animation, video game soundtracks, flow state, spirituality, "timeless" music, ending up on a Justin Bieber record & more!

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Mar 9, 2021

SIDEPIECE (aka Party Favor & Nitti Gritti) goes Back To Back! Willy talks with them about being Grammy nominated, working with Diplo & Lil Jon, participating in house music, group dynamics, patience, timing, wedding DJs, the loudness wars, pandemic creativity, new music & more!

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Mar 2, 2021

David Waxman, GM/head A&R at Ultra Music, goes Back To Back! Willy talks with him about going from touring DJ to managing one of the biggest labels in dance music, being inside the 90s NYC clubbing revolution, discovering & signing stars, 25 years of Ultra, advice for young artists & more!

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